5 Most Common Times for Drunk-Driving Accidents


Drunk driving on American roads is still a significant problem. Thousands of road users are killed yearly by fatal crashes involving drunk drivers. Victims of drunk driving accidents often sustain life-threatening and fatal injuries. While road accidents occur unpredictably, the possibility of getting into a road accident is high on some days.

Even though you can’t avoid drunk drivers, especially if you are a frequent road user, knowing the times and days you’ll most likely encounter one is important. You’ll drive more cautiously during these periods. But what happens if you still encounter a drunk-driving accident? Contact Boohoff Law car accident lawyers for navigating the situation. 

That said, below are the five most common times for drunk-driving accidents.

1. Early morning, evening, and late-night

Drunk driving cases typically spike when most people head out for social drinking. These claims are factual and based on long-standing statistical evidence. Most road users don’t know, but the specific time of day affects your chances of being in a motor vehicle wreck involving a drunk driver.

For instance:

  • Less than 10% of motor vehicle accidents that occur from 9 a.m. to noon are caused by drunk drivers. This small percentage mainly includes night-shift workers and those who party till morning.
  • The rate of auto accidents involving drunk drivers increases to 33% by 6 p.m. and 46% by midnight.
  • Auto accidents involving drunk drivers are the highest at night. These figures show that 65% of auto collisions between midnight and 3 a.m. involve drunk drivers.

2. Most dangerous days of the week

According to several analyses, Saturday and Sunday are the most dangerous days of the week. On the other hand, Tuesday is the safest day to be on the nation’s roads. Of all drunk-driving accidents in a randomly selected week, 23% occurred on Saturday, while 22% occurred on Sundays. 

  1. Most dangerous weeks of the year

Based on a lengthy analysis, the week beginning on Monday, July 3rd, is considered the most dangerous week of the year. This is because most people get off work, plan indoor parties, and start preparing for their vacations. Based on data from previous years, most people will get behind the wheel after several rounds of drinks.

The second most dangerous week of 2023 begins on July 31st because summer travel is in full swing. Road users should be alert during this period.

4. Deadly seasons

Summer season is the beginning of vacations, daytime events, and barbecues, where people indulge unforgivingly. Summer also hosts various holidays, where people drink during the day and night. Unfortunately, this season of sun and warm temperatures comes with a spike in drunk driving accidents.

It’s not just summer, however. Rainy and snowy seasons can also be dangerous because there could be almost zero visibility on the road. Couple that with how many people will want to rush wherever they have to to stay out of the downpour–and it’s just a massive accident waiting to happen. 

5. Most dangerous holidays

National holidays are also known to be a period of no alcohol restraint. While alcohol comes with happy times, these stories often turn tragic when it comes to the road. National holidays with the highest rates of fatalities resulting from drunk driving include:

  • Contrary to its name, Thanksgiving is probably the deadliest holiday weekend. This is because Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest time on roadways. Many people also indulge, and the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is often called “Drinksgiving.” A combination of these factors makes Thanksgiving a dangerous holiday.
  • The 4th of July – this holiday lurks among the 100 deadliest summer days. Social binge drinking and BBQs are very common during this period.
  • Labor Day – the last holiday of the summer season is also a dangerous time to be on national roadways. Here, party-goers try to enjoy their last summer’s freedom by making the most of this three-day weekend holiday.
  • Memorial Day – what is supposed to be a period of sober reflection as the citizens honor the nation’s heroes is also associated with high fatalities. Memorial Day unofficially marks the beginning of summer. This means many people gear up for vacations, boating, and partying.

The Bottom Line

Knowing when to avoid traveling can save you from being among these statistics. Victims of drunk-driving accidents should immediately seek medical attention, call emergency services, and find a drunk-driving accident lawyer. Your lawyer can help you claim compensation for various damages–and ensure you get the right amount. 


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