3 Things Everyone Should Know About Construction Site Accidents


Construction jobs are some of the most dangerous in the US, with 4,764 US workers suffering fatal injuries in 2022. This is a step up from previous years as more building projects flow into the cities around the country. San Jose, a hub for economic growth, has seen a ton of construction sites set up in recent years. Sadly, the unintended consequence of it has been injuries. Construction-related accidents in California are quite common, as the state records the highest casualties from this sector.

Such accidents cause problems such as unconsciousness, head injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones, and back injuries. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident while working at a construction site, you may be entitled to various types of claims, including worker’s compensation, third-party liability, or wrongful death, depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Get in touch with a construction accident lawyer from a credible platform like to maximize the chances of obtaining deserved compensation. A good lawyer can help you understand your options and the legal merits of your case. Here’s a look at things you should know about construction site accidents.

Construction sites are the most hazardous working places

The US Department of Labor Statistics says construction workers are at a higher risk of injuries or death than other workers. Indeed, construction site accidents usually make up more than half of all job-related injuries yearly. In such sites, the potential for mishaps is everywhere. It could be a falling piece of concrete or equipment, a slip or trip, overexertion, heat stroke, or a transportation incident. 

Even with specific OSHA regulations to help keep individuals safe, these mishaps happen every day. And it’s not just the workers that could get hurt. Even the public is in danger. Despite the best efforts from OSHA, these tragedies happen daily.

Researchers have long established that virtually everyone who works at a construction site will suffer at least one injury in the course of their career. So, all construction employees must be informed of their legal rights in case accidents happen to them.

Worker’s compensation is a state-mandated program requiring employers to maintain insurance coverage in case employees get into accidents on the job. Any injured worker can pursue a claim and obtain almost automatic benefits.

Proof of liability or responsibility is not necessary. Furthermore, you can file a personal injury claim if your accident was due to a third-party such as a reckless site visitor, faulty equipment, or sloppy subcontract employee. In addition, families of workers who die on the job can bring a wrongful death claim.

 Some accidents are highly fatal

As mentioned, the potential for mishaps in construction sites lies everywhere, including wet floors, damaged machinery, hazardous materials, and other subcontractors. However, some of these accidents are deemed so dangerous that they’ve been dubbed the ‘Fatal Four.’

They consistently cause the highest number of fatalities. Indeed, falls constitute a third of all construction fatalities, followed by being struck by an object (20%), electrical hazards (10%), and compressed or struck by equipment (6%). Construction site workers need to be aware of these causes and work to reduce them. It will help to reduce fatalities significantly.

Construction accidents can be prevented

Construction site workers suffer accidents because of insufficient training or experience, misconduct/neglect from their employees, and problematic equipment or materials.

Addressing these factors can help reduce the number of accidents. Workers should be aware of the potential dangers of the job and how to avoid them. They should also use safety equipment while on the job, including safety glasses, helmets, and fall protection gear. Most importantly, safety procedures are important. Keep floors dry and clean, remove debris, and use handrails to avoid falling from scaffolding.

That said, if you get into an accident at your construction job, get medical help, and report the accident to the appropriate authority. Next, consider legal avenues. The obvious claim is worker’s compensation. But as already explained, you can also file a third-party liability claim or a wrongful death case, depending on the specifics of your case.

The latter types of lawsuits consider compensatory damages like loss of consortium and pain and suffering. But you should talk to a lawyer first. Scheduling a free case evaluation can help determine what legal options to take. Most construction accident attorneys work on contingency fees, so you only pay them if they win a payout, settlement, or other forms of compensation.

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