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How A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help Your Legal Case


Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, has a growing motorcycle culture and is gradually establishing itself as a biker-friendly city. It has a thriving motorcycle community, home to a significant number of enthusiasts who are passionate about riding. These individuals actively participate in motorcycle events, rallies, and gatherings, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among riders. The city hosts a range of motorcycle dealerships, shops, and service providers, catering to the needs of riders. These establishments offer a variety of motorcycles, parts, accessories, and maintenance services, contributing to the overall motorcycle ecosystem in the city.

With the influx of two-wheelers to the city, the probably

1. Familiarity With Motorcycles

Motorcyclists are very different from other motorists on the road, especially because of the two-wheel construction of their vehicles. They are prone to accidents because they rely on balance. Further, they require special licenses and permits to operate.

Pursuing a lawsuit against four-wheeled vehicles as a motorcyclist is quite complicated. A motorcycle accident lawyer is familiar with the ins and outs of biking. With this knowledge in mind, they have an advantage over your competitors and are better equipped to champion your course.

2. A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Maximize Your Settlement Award

In a motorbike-car collision, motorcyclists suffer the worst injuries because of the exposed nature of their two-wheeled vehicles. Insurance agents often dismiss their injuries as minor, especially because some of them are visible, like lacerations and road rash. Bikers end up getting paid too little than their injuries are worth.

A motorcycle accident lawyer understands the weight of your injuries. They know what appears to be a simple head bump could be signaling a deeper inner problem like brain hemorrhage. Therefore, your advocate will ensure your get paid for your current and future medical bills.

3. Paints a Favorable Image Before the Judge

There is a common societal belief that motorcyclists are reckless, speed-loving maniacs who feed on adrenaline. Whenever an accident happens, everyone assumes it is their fault. Sadly, this is the case even in the ranks of the judicial system.

If you are to win the case, someone must erase this misconception in the minds of the judicial officers. Your advocate will paint you as a responsible, law-abiding rider who suffered an unfortunate incident at the hands of a negligent motorist. A good image goes a long way in tipping the scales in your favor and ensuring you get the maximum compensation you deserve.

4. Gathering of Solid Evidence

You must prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the motorists intentionally or negligently caused your injuries. This is often a tall order because it isn’t always clear who was at fault in most motorbike vehicle accidents. You were probably caught in a blind spot or were in your lane when a truck rear-ended you, but you’re assumed to be at fault.

A motorcycle accident attorney has handled countless similar case to yours and know where the true evidence lies. They will utilize the law firm’s resources and exploit every connection to secure solid evidence against the defendant. Additionally, they can secure other rare forms of evidence like forensic scientists, accident reconstructionists, and hard-to-find evidence to tie down your opponent.

5. Legal Representation

Self-representation may feel okay, but such claimants lose to the insurers more often. Remember, your opponents are seasoned lawyers and hardened insurance agents who have been doing this for several years. To win, you need someone who knows personal injury laws and the judicial system like the palm of their hand.

Further, there are many limitations and legal deadlines to be met, which you’ll likely miss if this is your first time. Why stress yourself when an attorney can file your paperwork, deal with the defendants and appear for court sessions on your behalf? A personal injury attorney doubles your chances of success while you focus on healing and family.

Final Word

The personal injury legal system is a top-level jigsaw puzzle hard to resolve even to the brilliants of mind. Self-representation is the surest path to failure. Motorcycle accident lawyers know their way out through experience, guaranteeing your victory.


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