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Exploring The Role of Expert Witnesses in Motorcycle Accident Cases


A personal injury case has a better chance of a positive outcome if the plaintiff uses expert witness testimony. Having an expert witness testify in your personal injury case can increase the value of your case even if the motorcycle accident that has caused your injuries is not being disputed. An expert witness has specialized knowledge in a technical area. This expert assists the jurors or judge in understanding the evidence presented in the case so they can decide on the facts.

The gorgeous weather in Ocala, FL, coupled with the fact that the town boasts a historic downtown, sees many people taking up motorcycle riding to enjoy a sun-kissed day at leisure. Well, not all riders are precautious enough. Ergo, the town also sees a fair share of motorcycle accident cases. In case of such an unfortunate incident, an Ocala motorcycle crash attorney can help you find this type of expert, as they will have to be approved by the judge. The court judge must find that the expert witness has skill training, education beyond a lay person, and special knowledge to explain the facts and evidence.

Exploring the role of an expert witness in a motorcycle accident case could include any of these experts.

Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness

Commonly in motorcycle accidents, as well as in truck or car accidents, an Accident Reconstruction expert witness will be asked to testify. These specialists are typically retired State Patrol Officers who also have an academic or engineering background. An Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness will provide information relating to what is not written down in a police report regarding the motorcycle accident or other vehicular accident.

The information this expert witness can testify to includes the principles of physics and engineering that will explain trajectories, the force of impact, vehicle speeds, and how much force was used in the movement of the motorcycle or other vehicles. The information they provide will help the jury or judge understand how the victims were injured and other devastating consequences of the motorcycle accident.

These expert witnesses will also examine damaged vehicles, the accident scene, and the black box found in most vehicles. All of this information will help them reconstruct the motorcycle accident events for the jury or judge. The information will provide a picture of the accident, making it come alive in the courtroom. A motorcycle accident lawyer will help you find the right expert witness to testify on your behalf.

Medical Expert Witnesses

Not everyone will understand how to read test results or medical records and be able to explain them to a jury in a court of law. A person can look at an X-ray or an MRI image and see damaged or broken body parts, but they will not understand how the injury occurred or how the healing process will proceed. Medical expert witnesses are needed to provide these explanations so an ordinary layperson will understand the injury and its consequences.

A specialist in the medical field, or medical expert witness, is someone who can assess the extent of an injury by examining medical records. From these records, the expert witness will be able to explain to the jury or judge how long psychological or physical problems will be present due to your injuries. These expert witnesses can also assess how long a treatment program will be needed to help you fully recover and how the injury will impact the quality of your life.

Financial or Economist Analyst Expert Witness

In your personal injury lawsuit, you and your personal injury lawyer will have determined what settlement amount to seek to compensate you for your injuries from a motorcycle accident. An economist or financial analyst expert witness can asses your future financial losses resulting from your inability to return to work. These specialists can help jurors, the court, and the insurance companies understand how your life has changed due to injuries from a motorcycle accident.

How the Role of an Expert Witness Affects Personal Injury Case After a Motorcycle Accident

These are just some of the different expert witnesses that can help in your personal injury lawsuit after a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer will understand the importance of these expert witness’s testimony and how they can impact the outcome of your settlement amount. Having this legal professional working with you will improve your chances for a better future.

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