4 Most Common Bicycle Injuries and Claims


4 Most Common Bicycle Injuries and Claims

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, has a growing biking culture and is gradually establishing itself as a biker-friendly city. The region offers a range of resources and initiatives to support cyclists and promote biking as a mode of transportation and recreation. There is good reason for it, as local governments have expanded the city’s bike infrastructure in recent years. As a result, there are more bike lanes, multi-use trails, and dedicated cycling routes to improve connectivity and accessibility for cyclists.

Cycling is an activity that promotes fitness, eco-friendliness, and a sense of freedom. However, it is imperative to recognize that accidents can involve even the most cautious riders. These injuries can be quite severe and, in some cases, could lead to fatality. If you’ve been injured on the road, reviewing your case by a legal professional is vital because you might be entitled to a settlement claim. You can learn more here about scheduling a consultation. Meanwhile, below is an exploration of bicycle injuries and their associated claims.


Road Rash

Cycling road rash involves cyclists falling off their bikes and sliding along the pavement, likely due to poor riding techniques or improper sizing of the bicycle’s components.

Road rash is characterized by bumpy abrasions on one’s skin caused by friction between the skin and the ground. Road rash encompasses minor scrapes to wounds resulting in much bleeding where medical attention is required. Severe road rash cases may result in injured muscles and bones around the affected parts.

A cycling accident could result from another person’s recklessness or poorly-maintained roads. In this case, getting advice from a personal injury lawyer is essential. At the very least, a lawyer can help you learn your legal rights. They still will help you file a claim for medical expenses, pain, suffering, and long-term effects. However, you must pick a veteran firm with experience handling personal injury claims for the best possible outcome.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Collisions with stationary objects such as poles, road dividers, furniture, pedestrians, and animals usually result in fractures or broken bones. Especially severe injuries affecting arms, legs, wrists, and collar bones are caused by collisions with motor vehicles or other stationary objects.

After the shock from car to pedestrian collisions, drivers may continue driving either because of the absence of jaywalking laws or due to negligence by those charged with watching over traffic lanes.

In case of self-injury or a loved one being caught in a bicycle accident, do not delay getting legal assistance. It is the lawyer’s responsibility to prove the viability of your case and gather evidence that might help you. And it is their job to approach the insurance firms on your behalf and make sure they pay out a fair chunk of money.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are a common and severe consequence of cycling accidents. It doesn’t matter if you have protective helmets. A significant blow can result in traumatic brain injury, skull fractures, or concussions.

In severe cases, these injuries may even lead to fatal outcomes. Furthermore, cognitive impairments, personality changes, or memory loss can have long-lasting effects on the individual’s life.

With head injuries, it’s crucial to seek medical help immediately and talk to a reputable personal injury law firm whenever they occur due to an accident.

You have to determine if the law firm’s team of lawyers can offer you legal guidance and support through the complexities of your claim. Again they must see that you get compensation for medical expenses, rehab costs, lost income­, and overall impact on your life’s quality.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Cycling accidents can result in severe harm to the­ spinal cord. These injuries can result in partial or complete paralysis, depending on the location and severity of the damage. Spinal cord injuries often have life-altering consequences and may require long-term medical care and rehabilitation.

Following a spinal cord injury, it’s e­ssential to turn to a personal injury law firm specializing in this field. They will fight incessantly on your be­half and get you compensation related to medical bills, long-term care options, and modifying your home to accommodate the­ new injuries.


Cycling can be an excellent way to stay physically active. However, accidents can happen at any time. You must be vigilant and adhere to all road safety protocols because these accidents can negatively impact your life. Finally, seeking help from a legal professional is paramount to getting justice and fair compensation.

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